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Thin as Thin

Translucent, thin as thin, my skin barely covers the vital parts, the vulnerable places. Tough as nails is truly strong, but nails pierce and punctures bleed; so in the livelong days, would I be happier to be the punctured or … Continue reading

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It Called to Me

At Home Depot today, this beautiful rose called to me.  I adopted it!  What a rescue, and can you understand why?

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There is Beauty in the Fallen

The young and vibrant are praised just because– all that color and life, a grace. But even in the light grip of the wounded and aged–the letting go– there is a glory. There is beauty in the fallen and glory in … Continue reading

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An Elvis Sighting!

It has been years since I have seen a California Quail!  And then only on the ground, scurrying across a road or pathway.  I have never seen them in our neighborhood, let alone in my yard. I woke Saturday to … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Okay, so I couldn’t help myself! 🙂

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A Squirrel Called Eve

Subtitle:  What I couldn’t do with opposable thumbs!

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Defiant or Oblivious

Notice where he is eating his luscious little peanut! (I’m not too mean:  At least it is a live trap = all expense paid to somewhere far away.)

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Zombie Doves

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May I have this dance?

Should I ask her? I usually don’t go for the tall ones, but her beauty is staggering. Excuse me, mademoiselle?  Hmm, may I have this dance? I assume her delicate and feminine silence is a yes. Ah, the music, heavenly.  … Continue reading

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Foodie Stuff: Almond Milk

I was raised on milk straight from the cow–okay, by way of the cooler.  So I am amused when folks get all freaky about drinking raw milk.  My decision to stop has more to do with the fact that I … Continue reading

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