Nature’s Hallelujah!–A Hummingbird Story

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One spring, there was a mama and a daddy. As this story begins, daddy is gone about his business–just off doing what daddy hummers do.

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The mama fashioned a nest out of spiders’ webs and this and thats, filaments of love; and then, she laid her two fragile eggs in the rock-a-by-baby pocket, secured to a tiny branch. The branch was strong enough for babies, but not strong enough for cats! Strong enough for wind songs, but not strong enough for rats! A safe place in the green waving shelter of the mock orange bush gone wild. Now a tree. Now a sheltering.

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Mama sat and sat on her eggs and sometimes on her watching branch, anticipating the hatching days to follow.

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One cracked, poking and squirming through. Another cracked, searching and shoving. And now the hungry wee ones probed the air for . . . that beak, that food . . . that mama. It was a hungry need. A constant need.

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Mama scouted the area for danger, holding in her belly the precious made-for-babies nectar–remade, reformed. And down into the tummy she plunged. Ah, tastes like chicken or maybe backyard nectar!  “Mama, what’s chicken?”

5 - Copy

Swinging back and forth, they waited, and tirelessly (well, maybe a bit tired), mama flew back and forth several times a day, feeding, and pre-digesting, and plunging food into insatiable, growing wonders. Back and forth in their wispy cradle, they snugged strong against the wind, with nothing to do but grow and wait.

11a copy

“More, more, more. Some morrrrreeee!”

11b copy 11c copy 16 - Copy

Now busy, now resting, always aware, mama watched out for cats and rats and the funny close lady with the black clicking and beeping thing stuck in her face. She warned. She got close with her long beak and whirring wings, chirping, circling. telling–“Get back!”

11d - Copy

15 - Copy

“Whoah! Would you look at that, brother. We are growing feathers! At least I think that’s what they are.”

“This cuddle cradle is getting a bit tight. My wing is not fitting in here anymore. Move over, brother!”

47 - Copy

22 - Copy

21 - Copy

“Think branch! Be the branch! I see that lady again.”

23 - Copy 25 - Copy

“Something is happening to our nest. It has shrunk overnight! Mammmaaaa!”

3 - Copy

“Stop yelling, little ones! I heard you. Lesson #1: When you eat, you get bigger. You are eating, and the nest is not; therefore . . .” “Okay, I get it! Brother, you are eating too much!” Little one, lesson #2: Do not disrespect your baby brother!”

27 - Copy 28 - Copy

“Mum, ghtoej@@@fflsdlk . . . this stuffff jkgkjkejk . . . is llpopkijfd# . . .” “Lesson #3: Don’t talk with your mouth full. It’s rude and you will choke!”

“I have to say, pre-digested goo is very satisfying. Don’t you think, Slophead?” Lesson #4: Do not call your brother names. Next feeding, he goes first!”

“Psst!  Piggy!”

51a - Copy

“I’m sorry for calling you names, brother. Next time, let me eat first, and we’ll call it even.”

25 - Copy

“Did you hear that? It’s that clicking sound again. A bird? No, it’s coming from that lady with the black thing in her face. Do you think she’s dangerous. Mama said to sit really still when she’s around.”

26 - Copy

“You’re not being still!”

37 - Copy

33 - Copy

“Ah, such a beautiful soft night……………..Did you just poop in the nest!” ……………….”Well, where else do you expect me to go. I can’t fly yet!”

37a - Copy

“We will always be together, right? I feel so close to you right now.” ………..”Do you hear Mama. I’m kind of hungry.”

35 - Copy

“Do you see that light? Do you suppose we are out-of-body?”

36 - Copy

“You are out-of-mind! Keep still and keep concentrating on our food delivery system.”

42 - Copy

“Ah, here she is now! What flavor this hour, Mum? And when do we go out to get our own, Mum, Mum, Mum?” Lesson #5: Don’t ask so many questions!”

“Psst! Mama loves me best because my slop tasted like strawberry!”

52 - Copy

“I’m bored; are you bored?”

38 - Copy

“This wind is crazy. What are you hanging on to?” ……………”I’m hanging on to you! What are you hanging on to?” ……………..”I’m hanging on to you!!! Oh, we are in BIG trouble!”

37c - Copy

“Mama, we were so scared! And we are so glad to see you! Oh, wait, food! Did you say food? …………Well, brother was so scared!”

“More, more, more, more, more!

60 - Copy

63 - Copy 59 - Copy

“Wind, what wind? Happiness is a big mama and a full belly!”

55 - Copy

Did you save some for me, Mum? ……….”There’s plenty more where that came from. Every time the lady with the black face passes by the hanging thing in her backyard, it magically refills with nectar. God seems to bless us in spite of her interference.”

64 - Copy

“I’m still hungry.  I need a between snack.”  “Between what?”  Between the last and next!


58 - Copy

“This is the life, brother!  A full belly and a soft bed.”  “Move over!”  “Good night, brother.  See you in the morning.”

64a - Copy

The chill of the almost-morning seemed tighter on the one remaining wonder.  With the pangs of hunger calling and newfound wings giving strength and lift rather than just cumbersome decoration, brother had left safety in search of breakfast.

“Brother.  Brother, where . . .”

65 - Copy


68 - Copy

“But he said he would never leave–that we would always be close!”  “Did he really say that or is that just what you wanted?”

69 - Copy

“Lesson number . . . is this 6 or 7?  Oh, well.  The biggest lesson, Love, is that you were born to be free.  Your brother is still close by, but he is flying!  He’s eating and soaring and having a wonderful time.  That’s what wings are for.”

73 - Copy

“But I don’t want to fly . . . really.  I want to stay here with you where there are no cats and rats.”

“Safe where there are no cats or rats, there is no joy and purpose.  You must share a little risk to do what you were made for.  There are dangers, and you must be wise, but you are never alone.”

75 - Copy

“I think I am having a bit of an epiphany here!  ………….Mama, what’s an epiphany?”  Here, son, have some more slop.  It will make you strong.”

67 - Copy

The next day dawned like all the others that had gone before, but the little wonder felt a strange stirring, a stirring in his tummy, his heart, and his wing.  Carefully, he released his grip on the soft cradle; slowly he stretched one wing then the other and felt the cool breeze of morning in the lift.

77 - Copy

In the shelter of the mock orange, the nest rests empty, slightly squished, slightly soiled, but our story ends happily forever after because it ends in freedom.

78 - Copy

The end–sort of.

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55 Responses to Nature’s Hallelujah!–A Hummingbird Story

  1. susansplace says:

    Fabulous! Wonderful! Thank you for the story!

  2. tootlepedal says:

    I am impressed that you sat on these pictures until you had the whole story.

  3. This was great! I loved being a part of your story, your adventure. What a neat idea to document this life story on film and then make dialogue for it! It was a cute story! My kids would love it! Beautiful images!

  4. Gorgeous post…words and photos!!

  5. Maggie Brown says:

    That was a good story! the pictures are wonderful, and the conversations of the birds interesting and charming. you are so talented….praise God

  6. bdh63 says:

    Loved your story and the pictures were adorable. Was the nest in a rhododendron? I liked how the beaks got longer as the birds grew.

  7. Your photos are absolutely stunning. They are so well done technically and they are so enjoyable. The background information was fun and touching. Thank you for taking time to share this with us.

    • Thanks for that! It was pure joy watching the mama and those little guys. Makes me wonder if they are more grown up and at my feeders. Some are definitely juveniles. I want to say, “Hey, remember me?”

  8. jmgoyder says:

    This is absolutely delightful and should be published – fantastic! And I love the title too.

  9. dorannrule says:

    Wonderful! Wonderful! I can’t think of anything more descriptive.

  10. Thank you for sharing all this. That was delightful. 🙂 If you ever create a print version for sale, let me know. I don’t use Kindle.

  11. Truly awesome photos, and story, Lilly!

  12. Wonderful captures! I enjoyed the “hummingbird-speak” too that you are very fluent with. 🙂

  13. Beautiful story and images!

  14. animalia7 says:

    Fantastic pictures, it’s amazing to see the hummingbirds grow up, and so much fun!

  15. floridaborne says:

    Great pictures. I loved watching the 2 inch hummingbirds when I was visiting my sister in California. They would flit from flower to flower while I sat next to the bush. A couple of times they buzzed my sister. It was fun to watch something that small be very territorial.

    • When I was taking pictures, the mama always came right in front of me and talked to me about my intrusion, but eventually she would feed them even when I was there. She still let me know where my limits were, though. 🙂

  16. Reblogged this on A p r o n h e a d — Lilly and commented:

    *******Last year I followed these hummingbirds from egg to wing, and this is really the conversation I heard.

  17. Mike says:

    Fabulous, Lilly.

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  19. How did I miss this last year! Love it!

    • Thank you. I had so much fun going to visit the nest. The mama was very wary at first, but she got used to me and let me get quite close. I’m hoping she remembers this year the funny lady with the clicking box. 🙂

  20. This is absolutely beautiful. What a treat – every post is awesome. Got to have you show me some photo tips.

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