My Book of Uncommon Prayers: More Infidel Than Faithful

252 - Copy

My theological positions catch all the loose reasoning threads,

and I am satisfied,

maybe even smug,

that I have things all figured out—life and God all figured out.

But when my pain is greater than my doctrine

and my panic stronger than my syllogisms,

I feel more infidel than faithful.

more unsettled than sure.

When the press is great and the rescue far off, help me not to fail but fall—

fall into You.

Without this falling, I will free-fall and be lost.

144 - Copy

To Fall Into You

About apronheadlilly

wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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13 Responses to My Book of Uncommon Prayers: More Infidel Than Faithful

  1. peacenikkie says:

    No words. Absolutely stunning images and reflection! Love it!

  2. Touche! I think we all have these feelings of being less than we should be. Lovely!

  3. reinkat says:

    Wonderful poem/prayer. I especially love the mental image at the end of falling into God’s loving hands, in trust that they will be there to catch me.

  4. Joe Dallas says:

    Beautifully put. That was an almost Psalms-like expression. Loved it.

  5. ly says:

    Prayer going up with your words. Sometimes we need to be taken down a notch, don’t we?

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