Behind the Headlines

*************A reminder to us–to me–that the headlines of Typhoon Haiyan are not just lines to be aghast at, to cluck our tongues and move on; it is a reminder to in some way come alongside, knowing that the pain of these lives tossed about like toys on the waves and winds, some now dead, some left to live this horror, are folks just like us. Lord, help! So much pain!

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly


“Three fast-food workers were found shot to death Wednesday . . .”

“An explosion caused by a leaking propane tank leveled a house, killing a woman . . .”

“A young actor was found dead in a hotel . . .”

“A former long-haul trucker was executed by injection Wednesday for raping and stabbing three women . . .”

“One body was discovered Wednesday in the wreckage of a pair of collapsed buildings . . .”

How many deaths was that—four, five, no seven?  I scanned the news in the local paper as I sipped my hot coffee and nibbled the remaining crust of my whole grain toast.  How could I just sit there eating—so uninvolved, so unaffected by the suffering of so many?  Did the weight of all that pain only justify a few lines of ink and newsprint, read today, tossed tomorrow?  I had become callused, hardened…

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6 Responses to Behind the Headlines

  1. jmgoyder says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I am still reeling from the shock and anguish of Ming’s car crash because even though only one child is still in hospital she has to have a spinal brace for a few months that includes her head but because the others are recovering so well and not in any danger of longterm danger she is and my heart is stricken. I also know what you mean about the typhoon – so many lives, families, individuals – very difficult to

  2. reinkat says:

    I am glad you reblogged it–I need to be reminded of this often. There is so much tragedy that I tend to insulate myself. It would be overwhelming to take in. I wait to see how I can do my small part to help.

    • It is overwhelming sometimes, but it seems so wrong to just move on to the next thing. With all the stresses we have been under of late, even some who would call themselves friends and family are already moving on to the next thing, when we need their encouragement still–just to know we are still on their radar. But the truth is, maybe we aren’t, and that hurts. Sigh. That is a lesson for how I treat others, as well.

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