Tis the Season

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I love when pomegranates come into season!  They are too much work to eat in hand, but awesome to juice!

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12 Responses to Tis the Season

  1. jmgoyder says:

    I haven’t had a pomegranate for years!

  2. peacenikkie says:

    LOVE them! Brings back memories of childhood…the 1940’s. My best friend had a tree in her backyard. Oh, the juicy, messy good times! Hope Kelly’s on Recovery Road! Have been praying for you kids. ~0:-)

  3. reinkat says:

    Such pretty pomegranates! I love them, too. Santa used to always leave on in my stocking on Christmas morning.
    Every year I buy myself one, maybe 2 if we can afford it, as a special winter fruit treat. It’s too bad they are so very expensive. Maybe I should plant my own tree . . .

    • Last year, I got a big box of seconds for 3 bucks from my organic farmer. Yum. This year, with being laid off, we had to put our box on hold. 😦 I did splurge and get some non-organic ones at Costco at a very reasonable price.

      • reinkat says:

        Really! that is a very good price, $3 for a box. The cheapest I ever see them here is 2 for $5. The average price is $2.99. For one. I splurged and got one just before Halloween, to keep myself calm about not getting any chocolate. I guess they have to “import” them and justify the expense that way. They must grow near you.

  4. blvboutique says:

    I hav 4 pom trees…they are still too young for fruit but I can’t wait

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