Mystery Hawk?

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We are used to seeing Coopers, but this guy is new.  He is the biggest hawk to come to the yard, and because he is so red, I thought he was a red-tailed hawk.  But he has the banded tail like a Coopers.  Sometimes Coopers juveniles are reddish, but he’s so huge I doubt he is a young one!  Help!

He looked like some of the pictures on-line of the Northern Goshawk, but he doesn’t have the white over the eye.

Hubby wants to name him the Fence-sitting Hawk, but I would like something more accurate.  Any ideas?  Hey, Birding Bunch, help me out.

Also, he was much more skittish than our other brave Coopers who allow me to approach before they try to kill me.

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20 Responses to Mystery Hawk?

  1. pattisj says:

    It looks like a young Cooper’s Hawk to me, with the streaking on the breast. Guess it’s a big baby? 😉

  2. Hang on until I go to Costa Rica and learn more about birds from a naturalist.

  3. tootlepedal says:

    I like the way that you get your hawks to look at the camera.

    • They may be sizing me up for a meal, but I actually think the focus beeping makes them think there may be a bird somehere in back of that white head. This guy just came back, and he must be a young Coopers, but wow is he big for a young one.

  4. Oh I wish our hawks would come a little closer like that but then again it would be dangerous for any small animals.

  5. Whoops, not sure what I did, why it replied up there. ??? I must’ve been thinking about that kitten.

      • That’s what keeps birding from getting boring. Individual bird’s markings will vary so much to add to the fun.

        By this time of the year, it might have moved out of the Juvenile phase, so could be called an Immature, but yes, Cooper’s. The rounded tail is one indicator. I rarely ever try to judge size because I am just no good at it. It could be this hawk is a female Cooper’s. Female raptors are bigger than their male counterparts.

        About what kitten…. you wrote, “…relative who had just gotten a baby kitten as a present, and a hawk swooped down and grabbed it…” Another reason to keep cats indoors! 🙂

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