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  Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the smell of high-carb alfalfa in the morning!

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Break from work = profound thought (just in case it is not perfectly clear): I have been flirting with a low-fat vegan diet since summer (80-10-10).  I refuse to think I consistently fail.  It’s more like adapting–to hunger and circumstance. … Continue reading

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Pilates for Finches

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The Llama and the Lambs

I learned an interesting thing on my Canada trip. My brother-in-law raises lambs.  Note:  If you don’t want a favorite to end up on your table, name him Cutie-pie, because if he is named Lambchop, that’s a bad sign. He … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge #2: Oh, wait, I thought you said . . .

Sorry, I thought you said “adjust your position.”  My bad.

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If we are sacrificing a Mexican villa to stick around and pose for you–entertain you–then how about keeping the feeder full!  Hello!

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Thought for the Day . . . Long Day!

At first, I thought it was a conspiracy–all the things that have broken down since hubby’s lay off in Sept. Add to the former list the dryer. And there might be something wrong with my Bosch bread mixer given that … Continue reading

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Swept Up

There is a window to a wider world, washed in color, washed of fear and dark cares. I fling open the shutters of my thirsty soul, vulnerable and seeking, and I am swept up in You– swept up, yet somehow … Continue reading

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American Airlines is Vouching for Me

Is that what a voucher means?  Oh, wait.  After my complaining about the worst trip ever, I just heard an apology back today.  It pays to whine!  I got a voucher to fly within a year.  Yay!  Do you think … Continue reading

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The Wizard of Us

Originally posted on A p r o n h e a d — Lilly Green:
11-29-11 Peek behind the curtain. Am I the wizard you expected? Control never looked so tentative, a bit of a mystery, but not bigger than life—…

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