IMG_1113 - CopyAhhhhhhhhhhh, the smell of high-carb alfalfa in the morning!

IMG_1116 - Copy

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wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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6 Responses to Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

  1. Maggie Brown says:

    What would he/she say if they only could? Maybe we’re better off not knowing? =)

  2. Possibly GMO alfalfa???

    I just had a super BIG disappointment today. We got a Garden Alive catalogue in the mail yesterday and the mailing label looked kind of familiar, like other seed/gardening catalogues we’ve gotten before. Curiosity got me and found out that Garden Alive is owned my Monsanto!!!! I am kind of sickened by that because they deal with organic gardening. It should have clued me in when the mailing promotes no-spray tomatoes. What do they do to them?! Sorry to go off topic there. I guess the result of not blogging much. :/

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