Here It Is

178 - Copy

Waistlines and laugh lines, expanding in uncomfortable ways,

relentless ways,

and I never imagined myself in these shoes that I walk in.

This image staring back at me in the mirror is not the person in my head.  It is

some trick,

some slight of hand, an obvious interruption to my well-planned life.

Interruption or corruption, or a little of both?

And I am having trouble getting used to this face I see

and the entropy,

and this me that’s me,

when I thought I had discovered the fountain of youth in my words and rock and roll and frizzy hair that now falls

thin and white to frame this person who should be me but isn’t or


When you are 20, 30 seems a long way off, and 60 is a never.

When you are young, you can’t imagine, and yet . . . here it is.

About apronheadlilly

wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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20 Responses to Here It Is

  1. Mirada says:

    Yes, my dear, here it is indeed–I don’t look in the mirror much, as I haven’t got used to the person looking back at me. However, I’m fully certain that though the “striking, stunning, head-turner” woman has disappeared, she’s been replaced by a woman of “substance”. My former beauty was an empty commodity, gained me nothing but sorrow–being beautiful was all I had, all I knew. Now I’m frumpy and funny looking, even crabby looking some days–but oh, the treasure I’m stockpiling within! I’m so grateful that God saved the best for last with me–though I live on a pittance, I feel undeniably fair rich.

    • Good words and true. But it would be nice to not have the pains that come with the changes. It does make you prioritize and treasure what is truly valuable..

      • Mirada says:

        Yes, I didn’t mean to minimize the costs of aging–physical falling apart of a body we once took for granted is no small thing, and requires adjustments–some of them major, as we go along.

  2. Kim13 says:

    I agree with Mirada and couldn’t have said it better! The soul is where our true beauty lives..and you my dear are beautiful. Hugs!

  3. No, age we all do I guess. Beautifully written.

  4. selah says:

    it would be wonderful if we could relive our lives knowing what we know now.. our body house ages, but our soul never does.

  5. coastalcrone says:

    There is an old woman living in my house but I don’t know how she got here.

  6. dorannrule says:

    How true it is….. who is that person in the mirror anyway?

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