My Book of Uncommon Prayers: It Was Simple Then

716 - Copy

It was simple then–

no syllogisms, no apologetics,

no apologies,

just a “this is” and “the Bible tells me so,” and all the pieces fit.

. . . It was simple then when

happy ever afters were a dream, but still as real as

hope-talkers and wave-walkers, and

it was simple then.

But the pain came–body and mind–

and the years went;

and disappointments mounted and the time was spent

in piling up reasons to whine, and

it was hard to be thankful, but even more necessary;

and it was easy to lose those first passions while caught up in the busy busy of living.

. . . It was simple then when

worship was overflow and fellowship sweet–

before the commitment slammed headlong into this perseverance thing, and

it became more work than worship,

more hanging on than clinging to–and

it was so simple then.

Lord of my then and now, in my complication speak simplicity. Untie the knots I’ve made of faith and draw me in again, close

to Your warmth and communion,


and simple once again.

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14 Responses to My Book of Uncommon Prayers: It Was Simple Then

  1. hodgepodge4thesoul says:


  2. tootlepedal says:

    Very nice pictures to go with your prayer. I hope they bring a good answer.

  3. Mirada says:

    Wow, these are so awesome (and I never use that word as it’s largely been emptied of meaning). Have you considered publishing them as a devotional? I would reblog it, but I’m sore disappointed (yet again) that people just don’t read reblogs….good grief and a half. Moving on–spurred by your interest in the Jerusalem Bible I mentioned, I got mine out last night and was so taken by its version of the 23rd Psalm that I decided to post it for Sunday. Will that do you, or would you rather I type it out here? I may start using it as a semi-regular Sunday post resource–truly lovely language. God bless you today.

  4. So beautiful and touching. thanks

  5. I really appreciate this verse — it’s the perfect prayer for me today. So many other things to get distracted by and wrapped up in.

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