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Sunday Morning, Singing in the Choir Y’all

. . . okay, well, maybe it’s a solo gig since I chased all those other guys off!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Level

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CA Earthquakes!!!

Don’t worry about me!  As long as I can update my blog and FB, you know I am in one piece.  Now if you hear of the big one and I don’t make a comment, send out the National Guard!

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So nice of the Cooper’s hawk to pose in front of the neighbor’s roses behind my fence.  I had made the request in my mind, but did not know he had heard me.  🙂  Guess he did.

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Just Because I Can

I really am trying to control myself, but you can only go so long without posting a grandchild shot!

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The Continuing Strain

If I gave you a look that I actually care about your existence, you might be prompted to pet me; and that would indeed be unfortunate because I would then have to scratch you. You see this as ongoing strain … Continue reading

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Making sure big sister has quality time . . .

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The Competition Has Arrived!

#4 grand has made it on the scene, and #3 greeted her sister by touching her nose and giving her a dolly.  I would say they are off to a pretty good start. Waiting was hard work!

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Grandma is Tired and Happy!

#4 grandchild was born over the weekend–Sunday to be exact.  She has a hallelujah birth story with much thanks to Baja Fresh bean burritos!  And Grandma is tired!  More to follow with pics, of course!

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My Lilacs are Alive

Originally posted on A p r o n h e a d — Lilly:
There is all manner of life happening in my lilacs bushes.  It is fun to sit in my sanctuary, observing and photographing.  The yellow swallowtail, I…

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