Selfies by Allen

163 - CopyActually, it might not be an Allen’s Hummingbird; it might be a female Rufous.  The more I search, the more confused I get.  Even some of the male Rufous are red-brown.  So I figure if I sound really convinced, maybe I’ll be right by default. 🙂
183 - Copy 213 - Copy 260 - Copy

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26 Responses to Selfies by Allen

  1. These are fantastic. It’s starting to warm up here so I’m going to be looking for the hummers to return soon.

  2. Widow Beach says:

    Very cute little creature.

  3. A beauty of abird. I know a little about the birds I see regularly, so I can in no way help ease your confusion. Even the experts in Iowa are confused between the western Hummingbirds that come here. Some just have to remain unidentified. 🙂
    If you have the time or inclination, you could always go to and ask. Some of the members are California birders and really knowledgeable.

    • Just when I think I have it figured out I get confused by another site and another pic. I will check out this place. My Audubon has Rufous pics that look like what other sites are calling Broad-tailed. Their female Rufous is the only red one. Then I go to sites where all the Rufous are red. Then you have the difference between young and old. What is a gal supposed to do? 🙂

      • “What is a gal supposed to do? ”
        Try to find an expert, if at all possible. There are so many misidentified birds out there, especially on photograph sites. I ran into a post recently where a photographer ID’ed a little Butterbutt as a Western Meadowlark. After I laughed about it, I left a kind comment. You know what he edited his post to say? “This is a Yellow-rumped Warbler, sometimes confused as a Western Meadowlark.” LOL

        Sadly, what is really bad is the printed field guides that have wrong IDs in them. I have one at home that has a sparrow wrong. It wasn’t one of the “big” guides, like Sibleys or anything, but if that guide is all some people have…

  4. dorannrule says:

    I marvel at how ever more detailed your photos of the hummers have become. This one’s “ruff” looks like a treasure trove of gold!

  5. I am mesmerized by the detail in the feathers! Awesomely beautiful!!

  6. Reblogged this on Through The Lens and commented:
    From my friend Lilly who does such beautiful bird photos!

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