My Lilacs are Alive

*************These are shots from last spring. I am hoping to get more of the same. I looked out off and on all day to see if my swallowtail from yesterday hsd returned, but I guess the wind was too strong.

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly Green

296 - Copy

There is all manner of life happening in my lilacs bushes.  It is fun to sit in my sanctuary, observing and photographing.  The yellow swallowtail, I know; but does anyone know the names of the two moths?

404 - Copy Update: The Bug People at “What’s that Bug?” say it is a painted Lady. I thought it looked like it, but the body seemed much bigger. An obese painted lady!)

206 - Copy The Bug People say this is a White-lined Sphinx moth.

218 - Copy

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4 Responses to My Lilacs are Alive

  1. Ruth says:

    Lovely photos and thoughts about repeating these shots. Hope so!

  2. Maggie Brown says:

    How beautiful ! Happy Sunday…sorry I haven’t been around more. I”m trying to get on the ball….it really is fun to blog. Somehow I put blogging on the back burner since hubby retired. We went to a craft fair today about an hour away and I’m beat. My age is telling a story to me now and again…and more again. =)

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