CA Earthquakes!!!

Don’t worry about me!  As long as I can update my blog and FB, you know I am in one piece.  Now if you hear of the big one and I don’t make a comment, send out the National Guard!

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12 Responses to CA Earthquakes!!!

  1. dorannrule says:

    Glad you are o.k. I have family in So. CA too……. wish they were blogging!

  2. Starralee says:

    Sending prayers–we’re still dealing with the mudslide.

  3. Where do you live? If internet is till ok I hope you are 🙂

    • We are quite a bit north of the epicenter, but they are having a cluster of them. We are feeling the strongest ones, but it always makes you wonder if a BIG one is coming or if the little ones let off the pressure.

      • Yes, well. Haven´t really been forced to think about it since I live in Sweden, we don´t have any earthquakes and I´ve never experienced any. But apparently there is a lot of small ones in Peru now and some news are saying that a bigger one could be coming. But nort of where? USA somewhere I guess.

        • North of LA. The epicenter is in LA County, CA. Since Sweden is not on the Ring of Fire, chances are you will never fell one. Not fun. I was in Scandinavia in ’72. 🙂

        • Yes no. Not in Sweden. haha in 72. That is a loooong time ago 🙂 What did you see?

        • I flew into Gothenburg and drove around a lot of cities in Sweden, including Stockholm and Jonkoping (I was given an iconic orange horse there), and I forget the rest of the names. Then I was in Copenhagen and Oslo, but spent most of my time in Sweden. I was singing, touring with a ministry group.

        • Aha. Yes. I´m from the Jönköpings area from the beginning. Well, 140km from there, but not that far 🙂 Hope you liked it! 🙂

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