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Thought for the Day: Burden

If Your burden is light, as You say, then why does this feel so heavy? So maybe it’s not Your burden that rests on my shoulders.

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On Trinkets and Treasure

And we collect trinkets our whole lives, this’s and that’s—so much useless stuff, scraps of memory designed to hold the moment now long gone, and it doesn’t matter in the end, when others sift through the detritus of a life, … Continue reading

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Sometimes an artist . . .

. . . sometimes an artist gets it just right!

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Breathe Color in the Garden

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Delicate, layer upon layer, color upon color, and I breathe with my nose and my eyes and my heart. A sigh breathes out, only to make…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

They used to contain letters, cards, and bills, and such, but nowadays mostly junk, and even that not so much. I birthday greet on Facebook and pay all my bills on-line, and with e-cards and e-mail, I don’t have to … Continue reading

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Hidden Within

I will never be good enough, strong enough, wholesome enough; my slate will never be clean enough with my own persistent and desperate wiping; my motives will always be tainted by my world-weighted will. But because He is good enough, … Continue reading

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Butterfly on My Flutterby!

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My purple Flutterby bush is a pretty drought-resistant plant that brightens up my xeriscape yard.  It was probably named by a dyslexic gardener or a…

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Painted Ladies on Parade

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Life and Death

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Fingering Eternity

Originally posted on A p r o n h e a d — Lilly Green:
Fingering the heavens, fingering the eternal, reaching, reaching for the knowing part of this God-friendship, needing not just instruction, but communion, needing not just a…

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