Nature’s Hallelujah!–A Hummingbird Story

*******Last year I followed these hummingbirds from egg to wing, and this is really the conversation I heard.

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly

11 - Copy

One spring, there was a mama and a daddy. As this story begins, daddy is gone about his business–just off doing what daddy hummers do.

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The mama fashioned a nest out of spiders’ webs and this and thats, filaments of love; and then, she laid her two fragile eggs in the rock-a-by-baby pocket, secured to a tiny branch. The branch was strong enough for babies, but not strong enough for cats! Strong enough for wind songs, but not strong enough for rats! A safe place in the green waving shelter of the mock orange bush gone wild. Now a tree. Now a sheltering.

2 - Copy

Mama sat and sat on her eggs and sometimes on her watching branch, anticipating the hatching days to follow.

4a - Copy

One cracked, poking and squirming through. Another cracked, searching and shoving. And now the hungry wee ones probed the air for . . . that beak, that food…

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2 Responses to Nature’s Hallelujah!–A Hummingbird Story

  1. Wow. How exciting to have witnessed that.

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