Mourning Dove in the Afternoon

008 - Copy

I don’t do windows–well, except 2.  I only clean the 2 bird viewing windows by my computer desk.  This lovely came to pose one soft-light afternoon.

011 - Copy 009 - Copy

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8 Responses to Mourning Dove in the Afternoon

  1. reinkat says:

    I really like the soft warm color in these photos. There is a gentleness in both subject and depiction that is very pleasing.

  2. soonie2 says:

    Such sweet gentle birds. I never noticed their feet, going to check them out next time they visit!

  3. A lovely lady you have. I hope nesting is peaceful for her and the Mister. Between the Robins and Grackles, our Doves are having a hard time finding nesting spots. I would like to put up a hanging plant just for the birds, but our winds are fierce. I’ve heard Doves use those sometimes.

    I really like their feet, such a pretty color. 🙂

  4. dorannrule says:

    She is so soft and sweet. These are tremendously good photos Lilly. I love doves. Did you know they are related to pigeons? My Mom used to take me and my little brother to feed the pigeons in the park. I love pigeons too even though some would strongly disagree.

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