Thought for the Day: Contraindications

Over the last few days, I have heard several times an ad on the radio that is for some miracle drug that is supposed to help a particular syndrome.  The spokesperson is very positive about the benefits of said drug, and then comes the list of contraindications:

  • Can cause respiratory infections
  • Can cause bladder infections
  • Can cause liver damage and stomach upset
  • Can cause intestinal colitis
  • Can cause extreme drowsiness so should only be taken as you head for bed (No dilly dallying!).
  • May cause headaches and even migraines
  • Known to cause nightmares
  • Can make you susceptible to abduction by aliens
  • Is known to cause Democrats to become avid Republicans, and vice versa
  • Will make you listen to talk radio
  • Is apt to impair all rational thinking processes. (Okay, I lied about the last 4.)
  • It has not been tested, and pregnant women, young people, and old people are advised not to take it.
  • It is only prescribed by witch doctors and Internet hawkers (Okay, I lied about that, too.)

Then, the spokesperson in a very upbeat manner goes on to rave about the benefits and suggests we ask our doctors about it.


This is why I am skeptical of all pharmaceuticals!

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12 Responses to Thought for the Day: Contraindications

  1. dorannrule says:

    Hahaha! Your additions are great. But have you come to one of the other ads that says, “May cause death?” Yikes.

    • Ah! I can’t tell you how many meds over the years I actually paid for, read the fine print, then did not take. Some I’m sure outweigh the cons, but so many drugs I think just make things worse. Pass me the organic apples, please!

  2. tootlepedal says:

    In this country at least, the pharma companies don’t even have to tell you about any trials they might have done if they don’t like the results. That gives you a lot of confidence.

  3. Speaking of meds you didn’t take and the general concerns about the safety of medications… When my cousin’s wife was expecting her first child the doctor gave her a prescription to calm her nerves. She contemplated this piece of paper on the bus going home. “What will Verne say? We have no money for pills.”
    So she stuck her hand out the open window and let her prescription fly off in the breeze, then told Verne, “I guess I lost it.” She gave birth to a healthy daughter back in 1962. The prescription was for thalidomide. Hope no one else filled it!

  4. That side effect for listening to talk radio is enough to have me running the other way. 🙂 Seriously, we kept hearing about this wonderful conservative radio station after we moved here. We decided to give it a listen and caught Rush. Oh my… he is bitter. That was the last of that. So many Christians listen to him, but yet the Bible says to put away all wrath and bitterness.

    • I used to listen to him for a while years ago, and I got sick of it. I have some I listen to in the car, but so often the resorting to name-calling and insulting gets disturbing I have to switch to NPR. 🙂 I do like Dennis Prager–most of the time. But his happiness hour bugs me. Calling acting happy when you are not a moral obligation is off to this oft times moody me. 🙂

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