Now I Lay Me Down

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A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly Green

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Now I lay me down to sleep—

if only

to sleep, to drift off peacefully,

to quiet the pinging thoughts, the lists of things undone, problems to solve,

to ignore the rhythmic breaths of the man so near,

so oblivious to my vigil.

I pray the Lord my soul to keep—

from dangers within and without,

and the dark creeping thoughts of all the what-ifs,

the evil in the world,

the evil in my heart,

conspirators who would steal my struggling joy.

If I should die before I wake—

What a horror to put in a child’s prayer.

What a fearsome phrase to create the possibility of setting off,

falling from this spinning planet,

setting off unprepared to an unknown . . .

fearful enough to make a child not forget to say her prayers on bare knees

on bare floors.

The discomfort had to count for something.

And yet

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4 Responses to Now I Lay Me Down

  1. Beautifully written and I’m wondering if you’ve found peace in the night, yet…I can relate to this post spot on! I just don’t sleep well anymore and have never had this problem before. But I’m 53 now and this began last year, so it’s hormonal. I’m avoiding taking anything, but am getting tired of being tired! We shall see! Loved your words!

    • I would like to say it is over, but times like last night for example are worse. Argh. I need to try my sleepy concoction again. 5:1 sugar to salt. You put a pinch under your tongue. The place I found it used a combo of sucanet and organic sugar (5 parts) to 1 (sea salt). It did seem to help drift off again, but I get out of the habit. What works the best is listening to more academic CDs. 🙂 That becomes problematic for the hubby next to me.

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