Perhaps the end of the story–at least my part!

Well, I just got a gift.  

I went out to check on where I had the cage. I left her sock nest there just in case she came back. Then I saw her in the crook of a tree cheeping. I thought, oh, no. Now what? So I went in to get a dropperfull of food.

When I got close, she went to another branch. And then a black-chinned hummer started beating on her head to drive her away from the feeder area! Argh!

She flew up in another branch, but not close enough for me to get her or protect her if the black-chinned came back . . . which, in fact, he did. But………… did mama!

She came swooping in and chased off the other hummer and was eyeing me, too. I wanted to see if she really was protecting Bano and would feed her, but she did not come close to her–just chattered in the tree close by. So I went inside and peeked through the window.

I saw her fend off the black-chinned again; and then, she went to the feeder, loaded up apparently, and went up and fed Bano. Yeah!  Hallelujah! Then she took off and she followed in her direction.


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29 Responses to Perhaps the end of the story–at least my part!

  1. dorannrule says:

    Hurrah! Mama to the rescue. What a happy ending…..

  2. nutsfortreasure says:

    Have faith dear Lilly 🙂 HUGS

    • It is a good ending, but emotionally draining! The cage idea was agood one, though it did not happen as I expected. 🙂 But it did bring mama. Yay!

      • nutsfortreasure says:

        A finch cage may have been better but his drive to get back to Mom was amazing I am sorry you miss him but she was frantic all those hours as well 🙂 Glad cage worked I know every time we had a fledgling it worked perfectly with cage door open for Mom to go in 🙂

  3. Mike says:

    Perfect, Lilly.

  4. patsy miller says:

    now you can rest. . . 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story and your amazing photos. I hope you can get one more photo of Bano outside.

  6. Oh my!!! A huge sigh indeed! Nature sure has a rough time.

  7. I’ve two questions:
    We just got a hummingbird feeder and I was wondering how much sugar to use in how much water if I want to make my own nectar.
    Do hummers eat seeds? The ruby-throat we see zipping around my flowers was sitting at my bird feeder yesterday and it looked like he picked up a bit of food. Then he went to the other side and it looked like he picked up a bit more. I never though hummers would eat at a feeder.

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