And so it begins again #2 . . . hatched!

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They are here!

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8 Responses to And so it begins again #2 . . . hatched!

  1. Love your new header — but I hope you don’t get yourself babysitting job #2. 🙂

    • No this mama has raised young in the same place for 3 years. I recorded her progress last year, and am excited to do it again. I’m not sure how baby rescue got so lost–prodigal, wind and misdirected flight? But glad he is back with mama.

  2. Oh my gosh that is so delicate and precious.

  3. That is so sweet. I hope they do well in this big world. I am sad though, our dog killed a young Mourning Dove.

    • Oh, no!
      A cousin just rescued a baby robin from her cat. The cat had already killed the mama and another sibling. She has called a bunch of rescue numbers, but has not gotten much help. Any suggestions?

      • Has she tried any of the numbers listed here?
        Is the father Robin still around? Both parents usually feed the young. Is it still in the nest or a fledgling? I am not sure I want to suggest her feeding worms, because the parents also teach the young how to hunt those worms. I am sure no human quite knows how to teach that to a bird. 🙂
        I wish I could litter train a dog, but not sure it is possible, because I sure am a ball of nerves every time he has to go out.

      • Did my comment end up lost again? I asked if she tried the numbers on this site?

        Is the baby out of the nest and the father still around? At least from our observations, both parents help feed and if something happens to one, the other will try their best alone.
        She could always feed it worms, but wouldn’t be able to help it learn how to survive in the wild.

        Today I am so wishing we could litter train our dog, so he never has to go outside again. I’ve been nervous any time we let him out, in case any other fledglings are in his fenced in area.

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