The Ongoing Love Triangle


When I was able to see baby Bano in the care of his mama, I was happy, and I thought that was the end of the story, but . . .

I went out a couple of days ago and caught a glimpse of her.  Mama is still there, too, and is feeding off my feeder and apparently still caring for her young one.  Whether her original nest is that close or whether she is just keeping baby where she found her, I don’t know.  But one thing is for sure, I have visitation rights!  I still have no idea how she got so far down the street–so far afield.

I went out yesterday with my camera to see if I could spot baby.  Mama was close by, doing her patterned flybys close at my face.  So I knew she was still protecting her.  Then all of a sudden I spotted Bano right in front of me on a fairly low branch.  We had a very pleasant conversation about the weather and food.  She finally moved a little further in and was obviously hungry.

I waited, camera poised, because I could hear mama close by.  She may not have liked that I was near, but I know from last year’s hummingbird adventure, you can be very still and wait them out.

My back was hurting, my arms burning.  I stood there poised to shoot for probably 15 minutes or more.  Ouch.  But she finally figured that Foster Mom was not going anywhere, and she fed little Bano her supper.

This has been and continues to be so much fun.  And I am pleased Bano is not only thriving, but is allowing me to still be a part.  Happy pill!


This is what I thought was the end of the story:

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13 Responses to The Ongoing Love Triangle

  1. patsy miller says:

    A precious relationship indeed! That is so cool!

  2. Your photos are wonderful! I have been enjoying all the birds in my yard lately also! No hummers yet though. I need to buy a new feeder.

  3. hadorable says:

    Perfect shot!

  4. dorannrule says:

    You should definitely have visitation rights – indefinitely! 🙂

  5. Thank you for taking on back pain for your readers! We appreciate knowing that Bano is well.

  6. reinkat says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the photos and posts about this sweet story. We once rescued a baby hummingbird, too (my sister and I). He, too, had a happy ending, and after being fed by us for several days, gained enough strength to fly with the other hummingbirds. He hung around all summer, and for a few years after that, we knew it was him. He would come up to the feeder when we were loading it, and drink his fill right from our hands holding the bottle, as he did as an infant. I hope he lived a long full rich bird life. And I hope that your little guy does as well!

    • That’s awesome. I have enjoyed the whole experience, but this extended period has been a rich blessing, too. To think he would stick around long term? Priceless.

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