A Never-ending Love Story

Guardian mama

Guardian mama

I was sitting with camera out on my plant ledge by the front bird feeder, hoping to catch sight of Bano, the hummingbird that we rescued.  I had seen her the day before along with mama.  She is definitely on the scene and still caring for our wee one, so it is the best of outcomes. She is free and safe and well-fed.

I saw Bano up on a higher branch at first, then she flew into the bushes where I could not see her.  All of a sudden, there was this whirring motion of two birds spiraling downward in a synchronized falling, but not.  It was baby bird and mama, and so it was more corralling than falling, mama trying to control her baby.  She landed on the wood chips about a foot and a half from my feet and then with mama’s “encouraging word,” she was off.  Was she trying to have a visit with Foster Mum.  That’s what I’m thinking.

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When I came back out an hour later or so, she cheeped; and there she was on a low branch, just sitting and looking.  I talked to her, telling her how empty the bathroom is now that she is gone, but also telling her we are so glad she is free. She will learn to do everything hummers do, but she is certainly free to stick around and chat any time she wants.  It was a tender conversation, but I did get the distinct feeling she wished I had brought a snack.

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Food became more of an issue, and she called out for feathered mama.  She was close by, talking to me and occasionally giving me a not-so-friendly piece of her bird brain.  I stood fixed, camera at the ready, arms burning, back aching, but determined to catch the supper hour.  Which I did.  Helping little bird survive was a happy pill, but witnessing her freedom and the care from her mama, even more so.  She is free, and perhaps if they continue to stick around the feeder, we will all be free together.  But do beware of cats!


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18 Responses to A Never-ending Love Story

  1. So very sweet. You will have memories of this time together forever.

  2. dorannrule says:

    I just love the relationship you have developed with Bano – – and his Mom will no doubt soften to you too. It’s a wonderful story.

  3. tootlepedal says:

    Cupboard love was what my mother used to call it.

  4. I am so glad you caught this moment. It is so sweet. I had been thinking of the matted feathers wondering if they will be a hindrance at all. I don’t think so and as the little one molts, they will be replaced.

    • He was looking pretty ratty when he was released, but he looks so much better now. One thing I never realized is that when he gets a big dose of food, he swells up in his gullet like a balloon to accommodate it. I need to do research on it. When I first saw it, it freaked me out. I guess it is kind of like saving a snack for later.

    • I just read up, and it could be that when I started refrigerating the food so it didn’t stay out all day, it was too cold and so was held in his crop to warm up. Foster parenting is so hard. 🙂 It was hard doing it on the fly, having never done it before. I’m glad he was released when he was because he is thriving.

      • I am so glad you helped this little fellow, mistakes and all. Not doing anything might have been a worse situation. And now you have a great experience. 🙂

        In the birding forum someone asked about giving nectar cold from the fridge, if it would harm them. It’s good to know they have a means of dealing with that.

        • The nectar would have been okay to stay out, but the protein mush had soured, and he was turning his nose up at it. That’s when we realized it needed refrigeration to stay fresh. He was a connoisseur

    • Just found all those other comments in Spam. Argh. Her robin died. The vet assumes that it had internal injuries from the initial cat attack. 😦

  5. coastalcrone says:

    Sort of like “Born Free,” isn’t it? We humans can get so attached. You did a great job!

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