The Programs of Menna

Another post from my niece in the Peace Corps in Ethiopia. She is the one in the navy blouse at 5:15 on her video. We are proud of her work and dedication.

Wanderings and Wonderings

Over the past few months I have helped a fledgling NGO set up some communications (website, brochure etc.) Their main program is a daily meal that is really one of the first soup kitchens in Africa. The group started as a bunch of university friends who wanted to make a difference in their community. While they are still quite small, their passion has really made an impact.

Here is the video I put together highlighting their programs, their beneficiaries and some of their info. Check it out to see the type of work I’ve been doing, and some interviews with people in my city.

Sorry for the crappy quality – not much I can do with a flipcam and 5 hours of uploading.

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2 Responses to The Programs of Menna

  1. patsy miller says:

    Lilly, Thank you for sharing this video from your niece. It saddened my heart to see how some have to live; and yet to witness the beautiful smile of the crippled lady that showed how she has slept for the past 20+ years….on the floor. Her smile radiates…such a reflection of her heart!

    She is ‘rich’ indeed. A wealth that doesn’t come from the world, but within.

    GOD’S greatest BLESSINGS on Sarah and all the other’s who love and serve the poor and needy!

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