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In honor of 999 WP followers . . .

Originally posted on A p r o n h e a d — Lilly Green:
In honor of getting to the auspicious follower number of 999, I thought I’d pass on a tidbit for any newbies to WP out there.  It…

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To Bee or Not to Be

Probably this is a carpenter bee similar to the big honkin’ black one I saw at the neighbor’s last year.  These guys are very weird.  They are huge and lumber along like a freight train, but yet they are hyper … Continue reading

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Leaving an Impression

I call this impressionistic rendering “In Search of a Carpenter Bee.”

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Beyond the Dot

When you are young, your life is a dot, a seemingly insignificant dot—small, restricted in ability and opportunity—and yet, there is a swelling awareness of the bigness of life, the largeness of the thing called future.  And you have the … Continue reading

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