In honor of 999 WP followers . . .

As the renewal once again comes due for my WordPress ability to post pics, I want to reblog this bit of advice to any newbies out there.

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly

In honor of getting to the auspicious follower number of 999, I thought I’d pass on a tidbit for any newbies to WP out there.  It will save your life!  Well, not really, but it might save you 20 bucks.

When you start a blog, you get 3 something bites of space for your media files.  Not being particularly techy, I didn’t know that my gargantuan photo files would eat up that amount in no time, plus it made for a slower load time for folks trying to see my posts.  If I had known, I would have made my photos much smaller and saved the space.  I ran out of space and was told I needed to upgrade in order to continue.

Okay, no problem.  For $20 bucks, I bought 10 more of what ever those are–giga, mega, who knows–and I started loading much smaller photos, like 800 X 800-ish.

I could…

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