To Bee or Not to Be

302 - CopyProbably this is a carpenter bee similar to the big honkin’ black one I saw at the neighbor’s last year.  These guys are very weird.  They are huge and lumber along like a freight train, but yet they are hyper enough so as to make a capture difficult.

If they are the carpenters (not the singing duo), I would prefer they jive somewhere else since I hear they cause wood damage like termites.

204 - Copy 270 - Copy

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10 Responses to To Bee or Not to Be

  1. Jo says:

    Great captures, stunning 🙂

  2. patsy miller says:

    There’s something about those eyes….scary! The body takes on a whole new presence of demanding fear of its force. Never seen such a ‘bee’!

  3. reinkat says:

    What a strange creature. How different the flight from the grace and total body integration of the birds in the air. The bee looks like his body is just along for the ride, on its way . . . to do something gruesome. Scary, like another commenter said. Creepy indeed, but fascinating. I never saw a photograph like that before.
    These are great shots–especially that top one.

  4. If we have Carpenter bees, they have black hairless abdomens. I am only just learning bugs, but do remember reading a tidbit in my bug guide (Yeah… I couldn’t help myself. Some of the pictures are kind of icky, though) that said Carpenter bees rarely damage homes. So I wouldn’t fret about that.

    You got some cool photos here. I will soon be posting a couple I took of a wasp soon. Yeah, I think I was about 15 feet from her, but she was a little busy, so paid me no mind.

  5. This little guy is so cute – great catch! I don’t have enough flowers to attract any bees. 😦
    Totally shaded yard: good for the electric bill, bad for the garden flowers.

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