The Return of Bano

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For those who followed our hummingbird rescue story, this is an update.  She is still around and comes to the feeders.  Here she is feeding while hubby holds it.

One day a week or so ago while I was holding the feeder, she came and stood on my thumb to feed. Happiness.  I loved to feel her little feet once again.

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The story started here:  The beginning of the rescue . . .

(There are several posts after this one, chronicling the story.)

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20 Responses to The Return of Bano

  1. dorannrule says:

    This is so beautiful it has me crying. I’m going to reblog it!

  2. dorannrule says:

    Reblogged this on Virginia Views and commented:
    This is the most fantastic story of a Hummer/Human connectio. Be sure to follow it back to the beginning!

  3. patsy miller says:

    Love is a language all its own, and is known! Beautiful and tender story!

  4. Mike says:

    Too cool, Lilly.

  5. Lovely stories, Dor. I’m glad you were able to rescue the hummingbird and that you’ve had recent contact so you know how s/he is doing. As a child, I tried rescuing a bird. It didn’t turn out well. So I know this can be challenging. 😉

  6. Lilly, I have two questions about juice for hummingbirds.
    Yesterday at work a resident told me that the cook who prepared the latest syrup for the feeders did about the opposite ratio to mine: she used about 4 parts sugar to one part water. The resident was shocked, but the cook told her, “The sweeter the juice the more hummers you’ll get.”
    I made new juice and refilled the feeders; two little guys promptly arrived to slurp it up. But I wonder, would they have drank such a sweet syrup as the other cook made? And would it have done them any harm?

    • Yikes, that is too sweet! It is 1 part sugar to 4 parts water, boiled 2 minutes to get rid of bacteria. Then in the winter, you change it (at least down here) to 1 to 3 so they get more bang for not using as much energy in colder temps. 4 sugar to 1 is way too sweet and not good for the hummers.

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