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Here Comes (Goes) the Sun

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To Be Complete

Spiritual reality becomes food for a starving carnal soul; for without truth and hope, we wanderers are dead already. And what appears partial now will, in God’s presence, be complete.  

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Fences 2

“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall . . .”

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Some fences are for defying. [I found these old fence posts (get it…fenceposts!) in my WP back files.  I guess I had made them and never posted.]

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My Book of Uncommon Prayers: Your Image in Us

When we put so much energy into seeking love, seeking approval, we leave little else for giving love, giving approval. May all the inner chaos be turned inside out so as to better reflect Your image in us— to be … Continue reading

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The Wait of the World

The wait of the world when the press is strong on every side, within, without, and we feel guilty for complaining in the presence of so much blessing, but the pain is constant and a constant reminder that we are … Continue reading

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Acting Juvenile

This juvenile white-crowned sparrow (oops, corrected again . . . it is a house sparrow) has not learned as yet to fear the lady with the black clicking box. 🙂

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A Hummer Called Muffler

This is one of the hummers around my feeders. I have given several of them names because of certain physical characteristics. There is Little Spike, Big Spike, Leopard, Mullet, Bano, of course; and there has been one I have called … Continue reading

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Bano Still a Poser for Her Foster Mom

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

In the fray out of focus!  Hard to track those little warriors.

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