Super Sun and Super Moon

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6 Responses to Super Sun and Super Moon

  1. keelymyles says:

    I love it when you post your sunset/ moonrise shots. Thanks!

    • Thank you! Hubby drove me out this time so I could concentrate on looking east then looking west, without worrying about Mojave greens coming out to sun themselves on the road beside me. 🙂

      • keelymyles says:

        I had to google mojave green… Yikes! I could see wanting your man present. Ha ha!

        • One of the most deadly snakes. They typically are up in the hills, but where I go to get pics is out int he open desert. So apparently folks have seen them on the road getting the retained heat aft er the sun goes down. I will let you know if I actually run into one! 🙂

        • keelymyles says:

          Goodness, I hope you never do! The only snake to run in on my island is the common garter snake. My dad grew up in Arizona, so I’m sure he would have known. 🙂

        • I don’t think AZ has Mojave greens, just other rattlers. The greens actually like a little more higher up, but I am at about 300 feet here, so we are at the border. A friend on FB who lives out of the city posted a pic of rattles they have gotten off snakes that came on their property. Yikes!

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