Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy #2

100_1327 - Copy 100_1330 - Copy 100_1333 - Copy


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wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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14 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy #2

  1. patsy miller says:

    Those are really neat….they bring back memories of a time that will never return. My heart hurts for my grandchildren, (all children of today) that live in such a different world than when I was truly BLESSED to be a child; little did I know that our world would change so drastically, yet it stands true to ’cause and effect’…..the loudest voice(s) trample on and hasten their efforts to discard anything about the One True and Holy GOD of all Creation and of The Holy Scriptures; and of His ways/commands, that we end up with what is before us; a land of chaos, hatred; anger, violence, foolishness where what is right is viewed/accepted as wrong, and what is wrong is viewed/accepted as right. . . . and so much more!

    I’m sorry for my added comment, but the truth needs to have an outlet and those pictures brought a time of reflection that I couldn’t help but express my heart. The figurines are enjoyable to look at as they are heart-warming and stirs wonderful memories; yet speaks volumes of what has been lost and why. And that is heart-breaking. . . especially when ‘they’ (the loudest voice(s)) don’t know Whom they are casting-out; and that HE loves them with the purest and tenderest of love…for HE alone is GOD, and JESUS gave HIS life that we could have the forgiveness of sins and to know the Father through the Salvation offered/given through JESUS. “There is NONE like HIM, no not one.” How I wish that they ALL knew HIM as their personal LORD and Savior.

    We are so blessed to have the privilege of having such special memories of times past.

    Thank you, Lilly.

    • I remember my mom feeling so scared for me and my children as they witnessed the traumatic changes of the 60s and 70s and the loss of stability, so I think lots of folks have had those unsettling feelings. It seems that it is exponential, and that is coupled with out immediate knowledge of all that is going screwy in the world. But our hope in Christ remains the same in all the shifting sands. Blessings.

      • patsy miller says:

        Amen to that…and Thank You!
        Also, I was wondering where you were to see these statues…now I know. 🙂
        Cute/cool idea!

    • These whimsical statues were at a place where we were invited to a BQ. They had built a pond and bit by bit had been adding these statues around it. I thought it was very fun! Better than the burgers. 🙂

  2. susanpoozan says:

    What fun, thank you for posting them.

  3. peacenikkie says:

    These are amazing, Hon. Both statues AND photos! ~0:-*

  4. Swetank says:

    I first thought they were real! Amazing!

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