40 Years of I Do’s

Today is actually our 41st, but I thought I would re-blog last years. Happy Anniversary to us!

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly

Our first Christmas 12-'73 Our first Christmas 12-’73

40 Years of I Do’s

He said will you, and I said I will;

we said I do, and we did

for years.

We said I do through the death of a child and a motorcycle wreck;

through a son’s car crash and a son’s heart crash;

through disappointments and unmet expectations,

and surpassed pleasures,

through lots of tears—from both laughter and pain.

I forgive, I love, I do.

We said I do through losses,

job changes, friend changes, geography changes, and physical changes,

baby boys and grandbaby joys;

and the years piled higher, one on another, as the I do’s piled higher still.

Our hair is thinner—mine more than his.

Our waists are thicker—mine more than his.

But for all the time gone by in a breath,

we said I do,

and we have said it for 40 years.

K&L wed


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wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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13 Responses to 40 Years of I Do’s

  1. patsy miller says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to and your husband!!! 🙂

    I sure enjoyed your poem of such an occasion and with it, the memories that you’ve traveled throughout the years of ‘I do’. What a true demonstration of commitment to each other and the love in which you began your journey….’I do’, means, ‘I do’.

    CONGRATULATIONS and GOD BLESS you as you continue your journey together throughout your days!

  2. georgiakevin says:

    Happy Anniversary. Hope you have 41 more.

  3. Maryam says:

    So lovely….happy anniversary.

  4. Congrats and Happy Anniversary! Here is to many MANY more years!

  5. What a cute couple. Happy anniversary!

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