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Thought for the Day: Editing People

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Where else but in social media and the blog world can you have a “safe” conversation that allows you to censor and edit comments and if…

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Fractured Phrases

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It’s only money is easy to say when you have some. This too shall pass only applies to the things that do, not the things that…

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No one about. Here I go . . . quiet as a mouse . . . I mean, squirrel. And now to cool my hot little hands in the bird bath.  (He stayed there for about 5 min. 🙂 )

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It’s the end of the world!

  I was sitting out by my fence, grounding and soaking up Vitamin D, when I heard this crunching above my head.  Here was this monster eating my fence!  He was as big as my palm!  

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Reflections from the Abbey

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Rock On!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

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My Book of Uncommon Prayers: I Pray

There is a quiet place I go to inside my head when the noise is too loud and voices conflict. There is a place I go to distance myself from the pain, to find a shelter from confusion—the cacophony of … Continue reading

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Honey, I’m home!

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Through the Keyhole

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