My computer is making ugly sounds.  I may be going down for the count!

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18 Responses to Yikes!

  1. dorannrule says:

    Uh Oh! Come back soon!

  2. Yoshiko says:

    Hugs and hope it recovers soon.

  3. The Birding Bunch says:

    Oh, no! I thought it was bad when my dryer went out. We may have to wait awhile for the repair man to come.

    • Hopefully, it is fixable. It is okay for now, but every so often sounds ugly. Hubby will check it tonight.

      • The Birding Bunch says:

        I wonder which is older, your computer, or my dryer? We talked about the age of the dryer this morning and remembered we bought it the year we were married. So our dryer is 16 years old! The repair man called today and if he has the part on hand, he’ll come out, otherwise we have to wait for the part to be ordered.

        Oh, Papa picked up something called an external hard drive and backed up everything on it. Now it’s in the safe. It sure will be safe from me because I do not know where the combination is because it sure is not in my head. 🙂

        • In computer years, mine is about 100. That is based on a logarithm greater than dog years! I win on the dryer. Ours is over 25 years–can’t remember past that. In spite of bad repairman, it is still huffing and puffing away, but I refuse to use it. It is nice to have a hubby that does laundry and deals with fire-breathing appliances.

  4. Trisha says:

    That’s not a good feeling! I hope it hangs in there until a more convenient time for repair, not that there is a convenient time to be without a computer.

  5. jmgoyder says:

    I agree with Mr Tootlepedal!

  6. Here’s hoping all is well with your sick computer. But back up quick ! 🙂

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