Mama’s Big Boy!

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This immature Cooper’s hawk is a big one! Β And if you look closely on the talons, you can see he has already had a meal!

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24 Responses to Mama’s Big Boy!

  1. patsykmiller says:

    That last shot is really something!!

  2. danitacahill says:

    Nice bird of prey shots!

  3. susanpoozan says:

    Loved the ‘take off’ picture.

  4. tootlepedal says:

    Either you spend a lot of time looking out of your window or you get a lot of visits from hawks….or you are very skilful. Great pictures as usual.

    • Well, the window by my computer has a straight shot to the feeders and the fence. So while I work, I glance. Then if I see one land, I go out slowly, and so many are bold enough to let me get within 6-8 feet with my zoom. We have had a lot lately–sharp-shinned, Cooper’s, and this teen Cooper’s. He is a big one with bloody talons! Maybe I ought not get so close.

  5. Dorothy E says:

    I love your amazing photographs. Beautiful!!

  6. The Birding Bunch says:

    If it seems large, it might be a female. πŸ™‚ I took a peek at your fine art site. If you ever get a picture of a hawk catching (not eating) a house sparrow, I’d probably buy it. I have enough of Kessie eating mice. I finally gave our female Kestrel a name; it’s easier to say than “female Kestrel”.

    We have not seen any accipitors in quite some time. They must be around since the birds vanish from time to time, hiding where ever they can.

    • For some reason, we are seeing a lot of hawks lately. Many are bold and let me approach quite close, but this last one with its bloody talons was a bit intimidating. πŸ™‚ The Fine Art site’s free account only allows 25 photos. I will see if it is a viable option for sales before I pay for it. It seems a bit like a needle in a haystack as far as people finding you. We’ll see.

      • The Birding Bunch says:

        How much of each sale do they keep? I could imagine it hard for people to find you, but since you have linked to it, at least your followers know. From your pictures, I perused around to others. I won’t buy it, but there are prints of a painting of a black bear and a hummingbird checking each other out. I always like unusual encounters like that and wonder if they occur in reality.

        • They have a baseline of what they get, then the artist adds as much mark-up as they want. I have only added 4-6 dollars for the different products to be competitive. The advantage is there is no outlay and money tied up in unsold stock, and you have the potential of hitting a much bigger market. The downside is that you are one of a gazillion folks with their stuff out there. If people like your work and are directly linked, then that would work. But if you just do a search for a particular subject, there are so many to choose from, the chances of a buyer finding you seems slim. But we’ll see.

        • The Birding Bunch says:

          Unsold stock… I have a lot of that and always forget about my large stash of greeting cards that I tried selling through a blog and farmer’s markets. Sigh…

        • Just can’t afford that right now.

  7. I am amazed by hawks and other large birds but I hate to think of their meals. Poor things.

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