You know you live with a CA drought . . .

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. . . when after a rain, even the fences sigh with relief!

Actually, there is a back story to this.

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Years ago, before I realized California’s shake shingle roofs were a far cry from the tin roofs I grew up with, I was heading over to my parents-in-law’s house by myself.  They were at work, and I was supposed to let myself in to take care of something.

I was very concerned to see that possibly their house was on fire.  I wasn’t sure what I should do because it didn’t look like a typical fire.  It seemed to be smoking all over!  I called my mother-in-law, and I checked in the attic crawl space.  I also did a whole lot of sniffing around the house.  No smoke, no smell, and yet, there was that roof!

If I had looked around me, I would have noticed that all the roofs were “smoking” because after a good rain and the return of sunshine, all that soaked up moisture starts to evaporate here in sunny Cal.  Weird.

Tin does not steam!

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19 Responses to You know you live with a CA drought . . .

  1. livingonchi says:

    Interesting. I never thought of that.

  2. susanpoozan says:

    What a splendid story, it’s a phenomenon I would like to have seen.

  3. John says:

    The hills do the same when it rains, creating wispy clouds that rise and cling as they warm, especially at dawn.

  4. Pit says:

    As to drought, I believe you’re worse off than we’re here, even if we’ve had 7 very dry years and you’ve had a deluge lately.
    Take care,

  5. The Birding Bunch says:

    LOL One of my boys regularly comes into the house with a steaming head after playing outside in the snow.

  6. dorannrule says:

    Smoky rooftops peculiar to California rains. What an interesting story. 🙂

  7. tootlepedal says:

    We can get the same effect off our back road surfaces if conditions are right.

  8. desertgnome says:

    I never noticed the steam before! We have a cinderblock wall instead of a wooden fence though:(

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