Hearts Bleed

163 - Copy

I heard the cutting words–the words that re-wrote my history,

that sliced and carved out something foreign from my fragile self–

and all along, I thought we were friends.

Words cut and hearts bleed,

and my protective shell adds another layer,

with another box checked on my list of the untrustworthies.

The betrayal stings, and I feel safe in my anger

until the still,

small voice . . . you know,

that still, small voice that comes with video playback of all the character assessing I have engaged in–fully justified, of course–because I am right and you are wrong in almost every situation.

And after all, those were not criticisms as much as critiques . . . of unwise actions and intolerable slights, the stuff of prayer requests.

So my 2 cents worth invested has become a stock pile,

and I am being paid in dividends that I did not imagine.


About apronheadlilly

wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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9 Responses to Hearts Bleed

  1. patsykmiller says:

    WOW! You always have a way-with-words that convey so much I read a great deal of pain and suffering within those lines….I am sorry!

    • If we could only truly live as Christ lived.

      • patsykmiller says:

        AMEN to that!! But THANKS be to our LORD JESUS that HE NEVER leaves us and He brings His comfort into our depths like none other!

        How awesome He is to generously pour His grace upon us as we ask such of Him; for He understands the injured heart and spirit and desires to lead us through with His love, His mercy, and His strength!

        He loves you so…..you are precious in His sight!

  2. dorannrule says:

    This one makes me sad. I imagine the worst, but it’s great verse and with the photo to match.

  3. Joe Dallas says:

    Really good, Lilly, Who couldn’t; relate to the way you put this?

  4. Identified with both the pain expressed and the entry of the still, small voice which brings some balance to perception.

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