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Love from Afar

When the prickles and pain of a love held close hurt too much, harm too much, then love from afar with a prayer and a hope for change, for time to heal.

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Contemplation Is Preparation

What people see are externals; physical attributes, profiles and position, passions and power— or lack thereof. People see actions and assume motivation; people see doubt and assume weakness. What people see is not me. I am more than my package, … Continue reading

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After the Grey

Between the ragged jag of mountain and the weight of a helmet grey sky, there are slivers of light, yellow and aquamarine, wisps, vapors, light and air, a promise of morning after all the grey is done.   (

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Letting Go

It’s like déjà-done this kind of thing—walked this path before, spouted this script before, destined to repeat over again attachments and letting go, hoping and hurting, again and again, pushing my rock to the crest only for it to slide … Continue reading

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Shadows Fall

When dark shadows lengthen and pathways clash, we fight our way through, each on his own, but not, bumping others, helping others, avoiding some; and the destination is beyond this black—beyond these mere pinpricks of comprehension, beyond corrupted flesh, this … Continue reading

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The Whirring

Pathways of the mind, wandering thoughts, detoured by suffering as much as certainty, and attention to intention wanes with the onslaught of feelings— vulnerable, sideswiped— almost certainly erring, at least in part—and the thoroughfare of mind-numbing thinking races unobserved behind … Continue reading

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For Something More

I woke early in the dark and cold with only red numbers projected on the ceiling, confirming that yes, it is early, and yes, it is still dark 04 hundred. I lie here awake. The pain has been my alarm, … Continue reading

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