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The You That’s Me

There is a grieving for opportunities past, opportunities lost. It’s like the world moved on when you just stepped off momentarily to take a quick look—and it’s gone. Not the world, but the world you thought you knew. There is … Continue reading

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My Book of Uncommon Prayers: Words Fall Flat

When I feel the need to defend myself to the universe, words fall flat. There are never enough words to balance out the weight of weakness, the sting of sarcasm, so why not be content to let criticisms fall where … Continue reading

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A billion reasons to limit campaign spending . . .

Clinton has 2 billion dollars for funding her national election, and folks are saying Trump is trying to raise 1 1/2 billion. That is billion with a b, folks. And this is just so we can have more of the circus … Continue reading

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Running to Catch Up

Cycles of life, ups, downs, the twirling and twisting threads that interlace a life from time and biology and divine design, and it speeds up and slows down till I am dizzy. The simplicity of youth protests into the complexity … Continue reading

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Of the Desperate

Brushing the robe, halting hesitant, two fingers barely touched the hem— desperation bleeding pain and disappointment for years and tears. It was a desperate touch, a face-to-ground, weighted-down touch. And in the moment He knew, and I knew. In the … Continue reading

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