A billion reasons to limit campaign spending . . .

Clinton has 2 billion dollars for funding her national election, and folks are saying Trump is trying to raise 1 1/2 billion. That is billion with a b, folks.

And this is just so we can have more of the circus we have already had.

How far would 3 1/2 billion dollars go toward upgrading infrastructure or providing shelter and food for the homeless or upgrading VA hospitals or giving college scholarships–or just about anything more profitable and worthwhile than the mudslinging we have to look forward to?

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12 Responses to A billion reasons to limit campaign spending . . .

  1. Oh, I agree! I am appalled at how much is spent and I believe it goes on WAY too long! Yet no one seems to be bothered. Thanks for bringing this up! There is money to be made for some!

  2. Pit says:

    My sentimets, too, ever since – at that time still in Germany – learned about the American election system. Not that I think everyting ist better in Germany – no way – but the election system is, even if it definitely is not perfect either.

  3. And of course the major doners don’t expect nothing in return, they want a return on their investment……and they get it. It’s a rigged system and I fear so much power is now concentrated in so few hands we may never get it back.

  4. Patty says:

    Amen sister!! What a circus!

  5. randallslack says:

    Sad… but true. It’s all about power. People spend millions (now billions) to hold an office that pays $200,000 @ year. The lure of power is compelling to the ambitious, the most dangerous kind of individual, for they will say/do anything to gain power. Unfortunately, we have the best politicians money can buy…

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