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Daily Prompt: Scent

S omething stinks, and the decay C omes creeping, creeping, over Facebook and E mail and Twitter—whatever. And I would have N ever thought the divide so wide, the pit so deep, and T he resolution and mending so impossibly … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt:Ten

T wo U.S. candidates plus rancor bipartisanship E quals bitterness, chaos, and mind N umbing diatribes. Chill everyone. Take five . . . no, take ten!

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Daily Prompt: Devastation

D oom and gloom, sometimes of our own doing; E ven if not, we can choose how V aliantly or cowardly we respond. A cceptance does not mean S urrender. T olerance does not mean A ll points of view … Continue reading

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I visited Virginia City, NV, a few years ago. The old part of town looked like it came out of a Hollywood western, complete with rustic building facades, saloons, and wooden sidewalks. Strolling along, you had to be careful where you planted your feet … Continue reading

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I ncreasing in time and distance, pushing back, back, back and forward again, N ever finding a beginning or an ending. It is like the game I used to play as a kid, F illing my mind with as much intentional emptiness … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Specific

Let me be SPECIFIC: I had hoped to FLOAT into the New Year with a new determination to daily respond to the Daily Prompt; however, it has been 3 days without posting, and I guess I was just TEMPTED by … Continue reading

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My Book of Uncommon Prayers: Pulpit

May my life be my pulpit. If ever my words outweigh my actions, if ever my professions overshadow my deeds, I will have given up abundant life for at the very least shallow, vain repetitions, and at the worst, dead … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Interior–The Eagle Version

I have been watching the live feed from Florida of bald eagles and their eggs. One has hatched and is fed raw fish from a very conscientious mama (or perhaps daddy—hard to tell). The other egg’s hatching looks imminent. Mama … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Year–This Clean, Blank Page

It is just another sunset and sunrise, another day and night, a long exhale, but somehow turning the page of a calendar to the start of a new year, a new number, is like a deep breath of hope that the … Continue reading

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