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Life Changes

Originally posted on Apronhead:
I have often said the loss of my first child changed my whole life— how I look at the world, how I look at comforters, how I look at God. My husband’s motorcycle accident and my…

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A Reminder

I cannot publish photographs here anymore. Met my quota! So just a reminder that my other site has my photography with my writings.

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Surrender feels like failure. It feels depressing, like giving up. There is a darkness to it, a weight to it—the unwilling outmanned, outmaneuvered, surrounded, and pressed to defeat. Surrender feels like exhaustion. It feels compressing, like yielding up the last … Continue reading

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Whispers thread through the flaming rage, almost lost, almost imperceptible, drowned out by opinion, history, frenzied fury, and flailing fists. The whispers tip toe in my tossing mind, seeking a place to land and be heard. They are the filaments … Continue reading

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A Limping Life

Originally posted on Apronhead:
I heard your whisper in the wind, and I leaned to listen; but my lisping voice rose rough and rasping, replaying all the shame moments, the named moments—over and over, owning their bite. I glimpsed your…

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