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My Record of Wrongs

I kept diaries off and on as a kid, chronicling important stuff like supper menus, sibling squabbles, and crazy crushes; but it wasn’t until I began to travel and sing full time that I started journaling in earnest. Over the … Continue reading

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. . . for You

L onely . . . in this time   O f increasing unbelief, looking frantically, hungering, N ot for miracles, but for signposts that used to be so faith-clear, undisputed— E ver present testament, truth, surety, L ooking for sanctuary, … Continue reading

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My House is Haunted

My house is haunted. I detect the wily ways she uses to move about, subtle but there, unnerving. My husband notices dishes that I have previously washed—meticulously, I might add—and they will have miniscule specks of baked on something or … Continue reading

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