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Rescue Me!

I have been away from my blogs for a while. If you don’t see me soon, then come rescue me because the grandkids probably have me tied up in the closet! Advertisements

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I Was Once a Thief

I was once a thief, deliberate, conniving, and unrepentant. Sort of. I got twenty-five cents for a weekly allowance, and it was the good old days when that kind of coin really meant something. Well, . . . not really. … Continue reading

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A Preface to My Profound Political Speech (Keeping It Real!)

First, thank you to all my fans and the planted vocal support placed throughout the crowd to give the illusion that I have more going for me than I do. I would like to thank my speech writers for the … Continue reading

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Definition of a Quack

A quack is a health care professional who disagrees with another health care professional, both whose sole purpose in life is to confuse the suffering lay people.

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If Only

If only chocolate were cruciferous, and coffee were vegetable broth. If only tap-tappng at my computer were aerobic, and Facebook Scrabble were resistance exercise for muscle, as well as mind. If only cabbage were strawberries, and sprouts were Snickers bars. … Continue reading

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A Bit of This About That

A Facebook friend posted an article link in which the writer very methodically went down a list of why people post certain things on FB (and by extension, I would assume, any social media) and what was wrong with all … Continue reading

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The older you get . . .

. . . the harder it is to get out of the pool!

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Daddy Always Loved You Best

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Oh Sole Mio! ♪♪

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The Adventures of Mother Hood

We’ve been tracking her, but she remains at large. What makes her so difficult to nab is that she doesn’t have one identifying skill or MO.  Her crimes are varied, her operations covert. She’s extremely brilliant to have avoided detection … Continue reading

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