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I Was Once a Thief

I was once a thief, deliberate, conniving, and unrepentant. Sort of. I got twenty-five cents for a weekly allowance, and it was the good old days when that kind of coin really meant something. Well, . . . not really. … Continue reading

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It may have been a mistake . . .

It may have been a mistake to try to start the big project of cleaning out my craft / sewing room today. I went through several boxes and was having a hard time as it was wanting to throw away … Continue reading

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I look through my own grid, and I’m not sure how to see any differently. I know just how you feel!–well, not really.  I can imagine walking in your shoes, but truth is, I don’t.  I can imagine feeling what … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

These are not the best shots, but they are from my last contact with Mum.  Calling is pretty much impossible now; but with the Internet, we can at least see one another. (I was the happy wanderer who moved so … Continue reading

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The Bonnechere–Place Where I Grew Up

The Bonnechere . . . From my other blog, concerning the place where I grew up.  

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We Wait

It’s a tentative touch—a toddler stretch—to make connection to one whose cells are giving up one by one, and we wait as toddlers touch. It is the way of things, I guess, this living and dying. She is young and … Continue reading

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Angel in the Rough

She was an angel, I think, if angels can be plain, rough, and all crisp around the edges, dressed in hygienic blue. I had read all the La Leche books; and so as it pertained to breastfeeding, I was good … Continue reading

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A World in My Bedroom

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Here It Is

Waistlines and laugh lines, expanding in uncomfortable ways, relentless ways, and I never imagined myself in these shoes that I walk in. This image staring back at me in the mirror is not the person in my head.  It is … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas to all . . .

. . . and to all a good night.  Amazing how much time food prep takes and how quickly it disappears!  🙂

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