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Another New Year

N ow is the time to take stock, to E valuate choices made—to right W rongs, to plan a way forward that Y earns to see others needs as E ven more important than the A ll-consuming passions of the … Continue reading

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The Limping Church Triumphant

L-ife is to be lived with love as our mandate; but too often, I-maginations are soiled with the cares and constraints of bolstering up this M-ansion here, rather than the one P-prepared for us. Wishing to stay and wishing to … Continue reading

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S ensing the need to feel I mportant, –> that thoughts, actions, and G ifts really matter, not just in the big scheme of things, N ot just ticks on nature’s timepiece, I ntertwined with myriad others, who F ashion … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Overwhelmed

O kay, I can’t live like this–all this tweeting, and FBing, and V blogging, as if I need to know E very single inconsequential thing about your daily R ituals, what you’re selling, what you’re pushing. W hat I need … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Scent

S omething stinks, and the decay C omes creeping, creeping, over Facebook and E mail and Twitter—whatever. And I would have N ever thought the divide so wide, the pit so deep, and T he resolution and mending so impossibly … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt:Ten

T wo U.S. candidates plus rancor bipartisanship E quals bitterness, chaos, and mind N umbing diatribes. Chill everyone. Take five . . . no, take ten!

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Daily Prompt: Devastation

D oom and gloom, sometimes of our own doing; E ven if not, we can choose how V aliantly or cowardly we respond. A cceptance does not mean S urrender. T olerance does not mean A ll points of view … Continue reading

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I ncreasing in time and distance, pushing back, back, back and forward again, N ever finding a beginning or an ending. It is like the game I used to play as a kid, F illing my mind with as much intentional emptiness … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

N ow has accelerated through another day, another week, and E very moment I thought I had left has evaporated into yesterdays W ith unfinished to-do lists and unmet obligations.   Y et with this new beginning, I take a … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Mope

M elancholy muse–a formative part of myself, but O nly a part, since I also love to laugh and live light. P erhaps it is manic to observe from the outside, but to me my E vanescent emotional swirl is … Continue reading

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