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S ensing the need to feel I mportant, –> that thoughts, actions, and G ifts really matter, not just in the big scheme of things, N ot just ticks on nature’s timepiece, I ntertwined with myriad others, who F ashion … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Overwhelmed

O kay, I can’t live like this–all this tweeting, and FBing, and V blogging, as if I need to know E very single inconsequential thing about your daily R ituals, what you’re selling, what you’re pushing. W hat I need … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Scent

S omething stinks, and the decay C omes creeping, creeping, over Facebook and E mail and Twitter—whatever. And I would have N ever thought the divide so wide, the pit so deep, and T he resolution and mending so impossibly … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt:Ten

T wo U.S. candidates plus rancor bipartisanship E quals bitterness, chaos, and mind N umbing diatribes. Chill everyone. Take five . . . no, take ten!

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Daily Prompt: Devastation

D oom and gloom, sometimes of our own doing; E ven if not, we can choose how V aliantly or cowardly we respond. A cceptance does not mean S urrender. T olerance does not mean A ll points of view … Continue reading

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I ncreasing in time and distance, pushing back, back, back and forward again, N ever finding a beginning or an ending. It is like the game I used to play as a kid, F illing my mind with as much intentional emptiness … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

N ow has accelerated through another day, another week, and E very moment I thought I had left has evaporated into yesterdays W ith unfinished to-do lists and unmet obligations.   Y et with this new beginning, I take a … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Mope

M elancholy muse–a formative part of myself, but O nly a part, since I also love to laugh and live light. P erhaps it is manic to observe from the outside, but to me my E vanescent emotional swirl is … Continue reading

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G iving thanks is a calculated choice, not just a R esponse to warm, fuzzy feelings, A aroused by a serene environment and an inner personal peace. To be T hankful involves the seat of your will, not just the … Continue reading

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Christmas Gift

  Carried for nine months and birthed far from Heaven’s hallelujahs into Israel’s Rough fringes—a Bethlehem town, Incarnation, God come to be one of us—a Singular identification with The lost and the loved: It was a lowly Ministry to a … Continue reading

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