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My House is Haunted

My house is haunted. I detect the wily ways she uses to move about, subtle but there, unnerving. My husband notices dishes that I have previously washed—meticulously, I might add—and they will have miniscule specks of baked on something or … Continue reading

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After All This Time

One day slips slowly by, minute by minute, filling up its hours. One life slips slowly by, hour by hour, day by day, filling up its limits, bounded by health and will and intersection with others on this human path; … Continue reading

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Words Fall

Words, syllables, inflections, breathed and yelled, soft and loud, mouthed and thought, heard and not, written and spoken, valued and ignored, but so weighty for the one who owns them, for that one desperate to be treasured. When we begin, … Continue reading

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I was a pebble, small but strong. From where I sat, I clearly saw my place, and those around me knew me, as I did them— as light as song and as sure as breath. It was community, communion, a … Continue reading

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The You That’s Me

There is a grieving for opportunities past, opportunities lost. It’s like the world moved on when you just stepped off momentarily to take a quick look—and it’s gone. Not the world, but the world you thought you knew. There is … Continue reading

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Weighted on the Front End.

Life is weighted on the front end. Summers are longer, winters wane, and dreams seem attainable but far off. School days flow like lava—heavy and slow— not the steady stream of the middle years, and certainly not this rushing torrent … Continue reading

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The older you get . . .

. . . the harder it is to get out of the pool!

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A Fluid Forever

The creeping darkness—really a creepy darkness, and it smothers my horizon with narrowing view, pressing smaller and smaller; and I wonder how it happened, when years that seemed to stretch before me in a flowing forever now shrink back on … Continue reading

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We build and build and plan and spend to leave a legacy, when the corroding debris that we leave behind will be less treasure and more albatross, less legacy and more burden to be dispensed with, garage-saled, or junked by … Continue reading

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Here It Is

Waistlines and laugh lines, expanding in uncomfortable ways, relentless ways, and I never imagined myself in these shoes that I walk in. This image staring back at me in the mirror is not the person in my head.  It is … Continue reading

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