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Rescue Me!

I have been away from my blogs for a while. If you don’t see me soon, then come rescue me because the grandkids probably have me tied up in the closet!

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A Reminder

I cannot publish photographs here anymore. Met my quota! So just a reminder that my other site has my photography with my writings. http://www.apronheadlilly.wordpress.com

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Please check out my new blog!

I have started my new blog.  Please come along and follow me! https://apronheadlilly.wordpress.com/2015/07/27/welcome-to-my-new-apronhead-blog/ I know I’m pretty boring, keeping almost the same title. 🙂 It’s been a while since I navigated all the widgets and all, but bear with me … Continue reading

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Whoa! Manic Moment

Just like that someone dropped me, and I am now 699.  It’s right up there with being unfriended on FB.  My self-esteem is on a roller coaster–no, wait . . . maybe a ferris wheel–no, wait, maybe a wagon train. … Continue reading

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Milestone–or at least, milepebble!  I have reached 500 followers today, and this, I believe, is my 499th post!  So I am in sync.  (Isn’t that a band name?) If you want to congratulate me, in lieu of flowers, send cash. … Continue reading

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Excuse me . . .

Excuse me, dishes, but I’m talking to the world. I would take you for a spin, vacuum, but I’m booked to take a lovely trek over Scottish hills and to carefully trimmed gardens. I have architecture to examine in Colorado … Continue reading

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It’s New: The Pyramid Blogger Award!

I so appreciate all those who have nominated me for awards, and I really do take it as a compliment.  That said, I have not accepted as yet only because the awards seem rather like chain letters.  They have all … Continue reading

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Blogspot sounds like a disease . . .

Blogspot sounds like a childhood disease, and WordPress sounds like it should produce some sort of gourmet espresso.  What is this fascination with blogging that turns academics and everyday housewives, factory workers and retired grandparents, to poets and essayists?  What … Continue reading

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