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My Book of Uncommon Prayers: Making Change

I don’t do change well. I used to. Change  meant promise, adventure, a tangible and exciting future, but somewhere along the line, my feet grew heavy and planted, my heart found rest in bordered places.  The settling down brought with … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

I was going to photograph some quarters and dimes, but decided on hummers instead. 😉

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I Don’t Do Change Well

There’s a reason why I have the same style of blog here since I started:  I settle in, get comfortable, and the newest and greatest is not that tempting. So you can probably tell that the new reader format is … Continue reading

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Worm Soup

Glorious, DNA delectable, molecules changing places, neither wanderer nor wonder. In a tepid, liquid dance, remaking my lowly self— creation in destruction. Worm gravy, liquid life recipe in a transformation prison. No going back—aiming higher. Breaking free—the final push, bursting … Continue reading

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