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I Guess They Didn’t Get My Passport Renewal

I just sent off my passport renewal, but I guess they must not have gotten it.  They sent the mothership to take me home. (We went out for another jaunt and came home to the awesome lenticular clouds that form with … Continue reading

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Another Sunrise in My Bathtub

Another sunrise in my bathtub: My eyes are still blurry, but thankfully the camera’s is not. This is hubby’s invitation to a cheap vacation: “Lilly, there are clouds!” A glorious earth roll! Liquid gold and threads of amethyst move across … Continue reading

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Look Up!

This was taken July 4th, looking east.  Those monsoon kind of conditions over the desert that typically come in from the east in August snuck in early this year and were a much grander spectacle than any of the fire-breathing, … Continue reading

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Mother Ship

The mother ship has come to get me, and I’m finally going home.  I will surrender my green card at Target right before boarding.  It’s been nice.

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The Beauty of Kaiser

You can find beauty everywhere.  This, of course, was on my radar before the appointment.  🙂

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Moon Moments

As the moon gets its light from another– another surer source, a brighter blazing light, so must I give over my smudged soul to Spirit’s light: Shine forth! Shine where I would have only cast shadow.

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My Book of Uncommon Prayers: To Your Loving Life

Another morning is here to lay at Your feet– all the pain and thought traffic of this world. From weak hands to Your strong loving life, I unburden myself, unfasten my load. In my gnawing weakness, You are strong in me. In … Continue reading

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Fire the Canon!

Not bad for a first pass with the new Canon.  It was a glorious day of clouds to be experimenting with!

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Migraine Morning

Just getting over a migraine, and this is how my brain feels–though not so pink!

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Into the Wild, Blue, Pink, and Yellow Yonder

The airforce is at it again, playing games with the moon, tic-tac-toe and follow the leader, weaving contrails in and around, over and under and through. Sounds like Grover.

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